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All rates are “From Prices” and correspond to non-special events and non-holiday rates. Premiums do apply for Special Events and Holidays. All prices are per person and based on two person occupancy per bed, unless otherwise indicated. We have a “flexible price” policy, which means that quotes are time sensitive and prices may change according to availability and demand. Reservations ONLY guaranteed after payment and agreement to the terms of Printers Alley Lofts rental agreement contract. HomeAway and VRBO do not allot enough spaces to list every Special Event and Holiday rate. CMA Fest, New Years Eve, 4th of July, SEC, football weekends are some of the Special Events. Please inquire for rates during these event times. CMA fest full payment due 90 days prior to arrival / 5 night minimum stay required.

One night minimum for week nights Sunday through Thursday. Two night minimum stay applies on weekends (Friday and Saturday), unless you are booking less than 48 hours before arrival date or only one night is available. Special Event or Holiday dates a higher minimum nightly stay may apply.

As a courtesy to guests we do not collect a damage deposit in advance. At check-in, guests are required to present a Major Credit Card as Pre-Authorization to cover incidentals and/or damages. A valid government issued Drivers License or Passport w/ Photo ID is required for check in, as well as to OBTAIN  the “Pre-Auth” from your credit card. Your credit card will be charged for any extra cleaning and/or damages to the property or other expenses incurred during your stay.

palQ. What is the cancellation policy?

A. Cancellation Policy: Should you wish to cancel this Reservation, Notice of Cancellation must be provided in writing, and prior to your check-in date.  For all cancellations, there will be a primary cancellation fee paid, of 10% of the rental deposit, which shall be paid via funds retained from your rental deposit, pursuant to the provisions set forth, below.  We will attempt, in our sole discretion, to re-book your unit to mitigate the cancellation fee and our loss in rental revenue.  If we elect, in our sole discretion, to re-book, then that may mitigate the cancellation fee and our loss of revenue.  Otherwise, a secondary cancellation fee will be paid, as set forth below.  The following rules apply regarding said primary and secondary cancellation fees:

1. Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to first day of booking. (** Cancellations for Casa Amarilla more than 90 days)  For any such cancellations, a primary cancellation fee of 10% will be retained from the deposit, with the balance refunded to you in accordance with the other terms herein.  Cancellation fees are administrative charges associated with a cancellation and, therefore, they are separate and distinct from deposits and rental charges.  Accordingly, cancellation fees may not be used or applied as credits against future deposits or rental fees.

2. Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to first day of booking. (** Cancellations for Casa Amarilla received less than 61-90)   For any such cancellations (but not within the 7 days immediately prior to your booking), a primary cancellation fee of 10% will be retained plus additional funds, via a secondary fee, as set forth herein.  If we are successful in re-booking the dates for the full rental amount, then the cancellation fee will be limited to the 10% cancellation fee referenced, above.  If we are unsuccessful in re-booking the unit at the full or an equal rate, then an additional 40% will be retained (for a total cancellation fee of 50% of the rental deposit monies paid).  

3. Cancellations received within 14 days prior to the first day of booking.  For any such cancellations, the aforementioned primary cancellation fee of 10% will be retained, plus a secondary fee of 90%, as set forth herein, if we are unsuccessful in re-booking the unit.  If we are unsuccessful in re-booking the unit at the full or equal rate, then all rental deposit monies paid (10% plus 90%) will be retained.

4. Cancellations for holidays or special events.   These rentals are unique and, therefore, the timing provisions set forth above are modified, as set forth herein.  Specifically, the cancellation provisions set out above are modified for any cancellations for rentals scheduled for holidays or special events.  The cancellations for these types of bookings must be received within 90 days in advance.  For cancellations received more than 90 days in advance of the booking, a cancellation fee of 10% will be applicable and retained from the rental deposit monies paid.  If the owner successfully re-books the dates at an equal rate, then the remaining 90% of the deposit monies shall be refunded.  Otherwise, for cancellations received within 90 days of the booking, all rental deposit monies paid will be retained by the owner.  

5. Forfeitures.   No refunds shall be applicable in the event the unit is not used (no-show) by you, or if it is vacated in advance of the rental term.  Stated another way, if you elect not to check-in, or to leave the rental unit in advance of the completion of your rental term, then any such no-show or early departure shall not trigger a refund (in whole or in part).

6. Rescheduled Trips.   (a) We will work with you, if requested, to reschedule your booking for a later date [“a Rescheduled Trip”].  However, this is in our sole discretion and limited to one (1) request to reschedule.  A Rescheduled Trip cannot be further rescheduled, thereafter.  Moreover, if a Rescheduled Trip is later cancelled, said cancellation does not trigger any right to a refund under the provisions 1, 2, 3 or 4, above.

(b)  In accordance with Section 6(a), above, the provisions set forth above for refunds shall not apply for any cancellations related to a Rescheduled Trip whether triggered by personal consequences unique to the renter, travel related obstacles, a national disaster or any other such basis.  Thus, in the event a trip is scheduled and then re-scheduled, then the aforementioned refund policy applicable to cancellations shall not apply to the new rental dates.  Deposits paid in relation to rescheduled trips shall be retained unless applied to a subsequent trip.  

(c) Our units have rental rates which are variable based upon specific high volume travel times, seasonal bookings, holidays and special events.  Thus, a rental unit charge may be higher during some time periods and lower during other time periods.  However, the rescheduling of trips may not be used as a methodology to obtain a refund due to a reduction in the rental rate.  Thus, and by way of example, if a unit is booked (and paid for) during a high volume time period but later rescheduled to a lower volume time period, said rescheduling will not trigger a basis for a partial refund due to the variable rates.  If a rescheduled trip is delayed to a later date that is a high volume time period (that involves a higher rate), then you agree to be responsible for the additional charge associated with the higher rate.

7. Controlling Terms: To the extent this cancellation policy differs from any online terms (Home Away, AirBNB, VRBO or otherwise), then you agree that these terms shall control and govern your rental.

8. Changing/Transferring Reservations:  Any change or transfer of a confirmed reservation within the same property is subject to a $75.00 Change/Transfer fee & property owner approval. Changes of dates or from one property to another are subject to our cancellation terms & conditions. 

Terms of Payment

All payment is through our booking system. No e-checks are accepted. Major credit cards accepted. 50% of the Grand Total is due and payable at the time of the reservation. The balance will be due and payable 30 days prior to check in (unless otherwise stated). Should your dates be less than 30 days away (unless otherwise stated) then we would require the full payment in order to reserve. Reservation is not confirmed until all balances are paid in full.

More Rental Q&A's

Q. Is there a cleaning fee?
A. Yes, the fees are as follows: All one bedroom lofts is $50 plus taxes, two bedroom lofts $100 plus taxes and three, four and five bedrooms are $200 plus taxes.

Q. What are the Taxes?

A. Nashville: 6.00% Davidson County and 9.50% TN State sales tax plus $2.50 per night TN Hotel Occupancy Privilege Tax

Isla Mujeres, Mexico: 19% Government Occupancy Tax

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